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Our Services:  Consultations are available for the purpose of learning about the medical issues and concerns.   The discussion will be focused on the topics of your choice including detailed descriptions of disease symptoms, current treatment and care options.  Chronic diseases are increasing at an exponential rate.  Being informed and knowledgable about health issues helps you to achieve and maintain your optimum health goals.  The following is a partial list of topics that may be covered.   

Karen Asbury, MD 

Topics may cover all aspects of adult care including the following:

* Evaluation and Treatment of MTHFR (methylation) Defect

*  Evaluation and treatment for Candida

* Evaluation and treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome

* Parasite Testing

* Evaluation and Treatment for Thyroid Issues

* Evaluation of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

* Evaluation for Metal Toxicity (Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, others)

* Metabolic Testing and Routine Blood Tests

* Menopausal Evaluation and Natural Treatment Options

* Treatment of Osteoporosis including Natural Options

* Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for Men & Women

* Low Testosterone Evaluation

* Saliva Testing for Hormones

* Neurotransmitter Testing

* Hair Analysis for Mineral Deficiencies and Heavy Metal Toxicity

* Iodine Testing

* Thermography (evaluation of gland and organ function)